Sandringham Secondary College Sport Academy

Sports Academy

Athletic Development

The Sports Academy program focuses on building the physiological and psychological capabilities of all students.

The program aims to develop students in regard to sport, personal fitness and mental preparation. Students receive a specialised and accelerated curriculum with focus on each individual’s point of readiness, specific needs and potential for growth.

Units that are studied across the 3 years include:


Mental health and sports psychology

Body systems


Ethical sports behaviour on and off the field

Injury management

Sport Academy students complete regular fitness testing, where they analyse their own results, set goals and work towards achieving them in future classes.

Sports Academy Trials

Applications for Year 7 Sports Academy in 2022 are now closed.

Trials for the 2022 Year 7 Sports Academy will be held on a date to be confirmed after the lockdown.

More information

Full requirements, subject descriptions and further details can be found in our Curriculum Guides.

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