Sandringham High School Years 10-12 Senior School

About us

Our school

At Sandringham College we have a proud history of providing an outstanding education to students in our local community and inspiring them to follow their dreams. We focus on growing the complete person, ready for the future.
Sandringham Secondary College Logo Gold

Parents and students choose our school because they recognise that as a community we work with respect and care, knowing and nurturing our students to be the best possible learners and young people that they can be. Our community not only expect high standards of academic achievement they also value artistry, creativity and leadership.

As a school we are focused on providing a robust and innovative curriculum that challenges students to be curious learners. We set high standards and expect our students to achieve their personal best in all that they do.

What we do

  • We nurture the individual talents of our students
  • We challenge each other to excel in our pursuits
  • We provide outstanding opportunities beyond the classroom to enrich learning

How we do it

  • We know our students
  • We aim that all learning opportunities inspire our students and encourage improvement and growth
  • We encourage our students to develop as citizens as well as learners


  • Integrity –upstanding, honest citizens of the school and community
  • Excellence –exceptional in all that we do
  • Community –positive connections between students, parents/carers and staff
  • Creativity – enterprise, exploration and courage
  • Respect –treating each other and our environment with kindness and thought

Our logo

The main feature of the logo is the rotunda. Our Rotunda is a commonly recognised symbol within our local community. A rotunda traditionally symbolises – a central location, a place for the community to celebrate, meet together and share knowledge.

A shield symbolises strength, protection, defence, guardianship, establishment and reliability.

Sandringham College offers a protective and safe environment where students are respected and encouraged to explore and celebrate their individuality and creativity. The incorporation of the wave at the top of the shield reflects the Colleges’ bayside location but also recognises how the College must constantly evolve to best meet the needs of our students.

The College colours of blues and gold also reflect our geographic location, reminiscent of sand and sea.

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