Sandringham Secondary College Select Entry Academic Learning SEAL Program

SEAL Program

Select Entry Academic Learning

The Select Entry Academic Learning (SEAL) Program addresses the needs of those students who are of high intellectual potential and display a range of exceptional abilities across their studies.
English, Humanities, Mathematics & Science

The Sandringham College SEAL program extends and accelerates students in English, Humanities, Mathematics and Science.

It explicitly builds critical and creative thinking skills, and includes philosophical and independent inquiry and problem-solving at each year level. SEAL students participate in a range of extension and special extracurricular activities throughout the year and are expected to participate in at least one of the College’s arts, sports, student voice or leadership programs.

The Sandringham College SEAL program:

  • Has three streams
    • Mathematics Stream
    • English Stream
    • English/Maths Stream
  • Provides gifted education for all students in Science and Humanities regardless of their stream
  • Covers traditional subjects in a shorter time and encourages abstract and critical thinking
  • Is designed to enhance academic, creative and leadership potential Enables students to interact with their intellectual peers, without compromising social relationships and development
  • Recognises and responds to the specific differences, interests and needs of High Intellectual Potential students
  • Caters for students’ social and emotional development by providing support and extension in to the VCE
  • Staffs the program with specifically selected teachers, chosen for their passion, superior teaching ability, their skill with challenging and engaging gifted students

Sandringham College’s SEAL program is structured to cater to the differing needs of exceptional students.

SEAL Applications

Entry to the program at Year 7 level is by application and entrance exam.

For more information please contact us (03) 8599 0500.

Applications for the 2022 SEAL program have now closed.

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