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Enrolment information

2022 Year 7 Enrolment Process

The Department of Education and Training (DET) provides information to support families transitioning from Grade 6 to Year 7. Important information for parents/carers is available on the DET website.

The 2022 Year 7 Enrolment process at Sandringham College follows the DET timeline.

2022 YEAR 7

2022 Year 7 Placement Application Form


Government Primary schools distribute the 2022 Year 6 to 7 Transition Information Pack to parents/carers during the first week in Term Two 2021.

All parents are required to complete the 2022 Year 7 Placement Application Form included in the Transition pack..

Note: If your child is enrolled in a non-Government Victorian Primary School please complete the Year 7 Placement Application Form (for students in Catholic, Independent and Home Schooling) by Friday 14th May 2021.


First Week Term Two 2021

Submit completed 2022 Year 7 Placement Application Form

Parents are required to submit the 2022 Year 7 Placement Application Form to their child’s Primary School by Friday 14th May 2021.

Friday 14th May 2021

Enrolment Offers issued to parents of 2022 Year 7 Students

Parents of students being offered enrolment for 2022 Year 7 will receive an emailed “Letter of Offer” including SEAL and Dance Academy Offers on Thursday 5th August 2021.

Sports Academy, Music Scholarships and Art Academy applications will open on this date.

Thursday 5th August, 2021

Acceptance of offer for 2022 Year 7 Students

Parents are requested to accept or decline the offer by Friday 13th August 2021 by completing the Compass online enrolment form included in the “Letter of Offer” email.

Parents will also submit 2022 Year 7 Language preferences (French or Chinese Mandarin) online by this date.

Friday 13th August 2021

Sandringham College Enrolment Registrar Contact Details

Kerry Haley is the Enrolment Registrar at Sandringham College
Contact Number: 8599 0531

Please contact the Enrolment Registrar if you have any questions about the enrolment process at Sandringham College.

Placement policy

The Department’s Placement Policy embeds the legal entitlement for students to enrol at their designated neighbourhood school, and to enrol at another school if there is sufficient accommodation.

The Placement Policy applies to the placement of students at all year levels, from Prep to Year 12.

Eligible children and young persons have the right to be admitted to their designated neighbourhood government school, regardless of capacity.

A student’s designated neighbourhood school is generally the school that is nearest the student’s permanent address as determined by the school zone. The Find My School website provides guidance on which school zone a student’s permanent residence is located within.

Enrolment Zone

Sandringham College’s designated neighbourhood zone can be accessed on the Find My School website

Sandringham College does not currently have a ‘restricted enrolment zone’ as we are not at full enrolment capacity. This means that we can offer students enrolment from outside of our designated neighbourhood zone based on curriculum grounds.

SEAL Program

The Select Entry Academic Learning (SEAL) program addresses the needs of those students who are of high intellectual potential and display a range of exceptional abilities across their studies.

Students wishing to enrol into this program must sit the SEAL exam. Parents / Carers must also follow DET procedures regarding enrolment from Grade 6 into Year 7 completing the required placement documentation and listing Sandringham College as their first preference.

Visit our Publications page for full requirements, subject descriptions and further details.

Visit our Events page for details about application and exam dates.

Enrolment Process for students in all other Year levels

Entry into Years 8 – 12 is by application. If you are considering enrolment at any time of year please complete the online enrolment form and include two recent school reports and a birth certificate or passport.

Eligible students will be invited to an enrolment interview with the Campus Principal.

Please refer to our Curriculum Guides to assist with options for subject selections and pathways at Sandringham College

International Student Enrolment

International Student applications must be submitted to the Department of Education and Training CRICOS Provider Code 00861K. Applications will be considered for students with an academic average of 80%+. Students applying for direct entry into VCE require a minimum IELTS score of 6+.

For more information visit the Victorian Government Schools International Student Program website.

Visit our International Students page to find out more about studying at Sandringham College.

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