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Years 7-9

Junior school

At Year 7 & 8 we focus on building core skills in all subjects with a purposeful emphasis on Numeracy and Literacy.
Years 7 & 8

We ensure that all Year 7 and 8 students receive 5 periods a week dedicated in both Mathematics and English. We provide additional support in our maths classrooms and run a literacy program for students needing extra time developing their reading and writing skills. We know that a strong foundation in English and Mathematics leads to increased success in future studies.

During 2020 the Year 7 students prepared a virtual work exhibition to showcase the work they did in the classroom and remotely at home.

Year 9

At Year 9 we encourage students to explore areas of interest by providing genuine opportunities for them to choose from a range of electives. We recognise that students are more likely to be motivated to learn when they study subjects that they are interested in.

Years 7-9 Curriculum Guide

Full requirements, subject descriptions and further details can be found in the Junior School Curriculum Guide, published in Term 2 each year.

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Amy Porter, College Principal