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Sign in cheat sheet

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A guide for which account to use

Staff and students use multiple accounts to log into various sites and services. This sign-in cheat sheet links typical sites and services with the account and log in username that you need to use. The following are examples of usernames and addresses for Staff and Students.

Example UsersSandy
Sandy AddresseduPass UsernameeduPass Address
“James Teacher”
(a staff member) the 8 digit
payroll number
“Penny Student”
(a student)
Example Teacher and Student usernames and addresses
Password changes

The Account column shows where password changes are applied. For example, an eduPass account password change (which staff are required to do regularly) will apply to all services with ‘eduPass’ listed in the Account column. Conversely, a change of password for, say, a ‘CareerTools’ account will not apply to any other site/service.


Sites may use different forms of log in username . From the examples above, some sites will just need the Username, for example “TEAJ” or “STU0999” whereas other sites will require the full address. The cheat sheet will use the words ‘Username’ for the ‘short’ version and ‘Address’ where the full address is required.

Site / ServiceAccountStaff LoginStudent Login
Adobe Creative Cloud
Compass Favourites “Adobe Products”
eduPasseduPass AddresseduPass Address
Campion Booklists
Compass Favourites
CampioneduPass AddressNot Applicable
(select either Sandringham College or ‘Sign in with eduPass’
eduPass eduPass Address eduPass Address
Compass (Username and Password)
Compass login
SandySandy Username Sandy Username
Compass (Orange icon – SAML)
Compass login - SAML
eduPass eduPass Address eduPass Address
Computer Desktop – Administration NetworkeduPass eduPass Address Not applicable
Computer Desktop – Classroom (Curriculum Network)Sandy Sandy Username Sandy Username
Computer – Notebook (issued to individual)Currently transitioning from
Sandy to eduPass
One of Sandy Username or
eduPass address
One of Sandy Username or
eduPass address
Computer – Notebook Shared useSandy Sandy Username Sandy Username
Compass Favourites
Edrolo??? Sandy Address
“edu” anything
eduPay, eduMail, eduSTAR…
eduPass sign in dialogue
eduPass login dialogue
DET Sign in dialogue
eduPass eduPass Address eduPass Address
Education Perfect
Compass Favourite – SSO/SAML
eduPass eduPass Address eduPass
eduSTAR WiFieduPass eduPass Address eduPass Address
eSchools ordering systemeSchoolsPayroll numberNot Applicable
Compass Favourites
eduPass eduPass Address eduPass Address
Google Apps (including Gmail) at Sandringham CollegeSandy Sandy Address Sandy Address
Library Catalogue (Concord Infiniti)
Compass Favourites – “Infiniti”
InfinitiSandy UsernameSandy Username &
Sandy password.
Microsoft Office 365 (
Including: OneDrive, Teams, Forms etc
eduPass eduPass Address eduPass Address
Minecraft Education EditioneduPass eduPass Address eduPass Address
Network resources (StaffShare (T:) / CollegePhotos(P:) )Sandy Sandy Username Not Applicable
Officeworks Online Ordering
Compass Favourite Link (Staff)
OfficeWorksSandy UsernameNot Applicable
Papercut ( http://8739-ps01:9191/user )
Copiers / Print / Copy Only at school only
SandyTap Compass ID card
or Username
Tap Compass ID Card
or Username
Sandringham Career Tools
Compass Favourites
CareerTools eduPass Address Sandy Address
Sandringham College Library siteWixTalk to librarianSandy Address
School Intranet (http://intranet)
Only at School – Tech Help page
Sandy Sandy Username Not available
School Remote Access
Compass Favourites
eduPass eduPass Address Not Applicable
Sharepoint (refer to Microsoft Office)eduPass eduPass Address eduPass Address
SPA Platform
Compass Favourites
SPAeduPass AddressNot Applicable
Web Print
Compass Favourites
Sandy Sandy Username Sandy Username
WINC (ex OfficeMax)
WINCeduPass Address or
old address
Not Applicable
Sign in cheat sheet

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