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Online Year 10 Subject Expo

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Year 9 students, it’s time to select your subjects for next year and we’re here to help with information, subject videos, support, advice and online tools – whether your pathway might be VCE, VCAL or VET.
An introduction to the Year 10 program.
English core subject options: English, SEAL and Foundation English; and English electives:
Literature and Creative Writing, and Introduction to English Language.
Health and Physical Education: Sports Science, Coaching and Refereeing Team Sports, and Recreation and Active Lifestyles
Humanities electives: Know your rights, You in the Marketplace, War and Terrorism and Philosophy.
Languages. French and Chinese (Mandarin)
Mathematics: Pathway 1 – Specialist and Methods preparation, Pathway 2 – Methods preparation, Pathway 3 – General/Further preparation and Pathway 4 – VCAL/General preparation.
Performing Arts electives: Theatre Production, Music, Dance and the College Production
Science and 4 Science electives: Chemistry and Physics, Medical Science, Marine Science and Astronomy and Space Sciences.
Technology electives: Applied Computing, Food Technology, Design and Technology – Wood and Information Technology (Games Creation) VCE VET.
Visual Arts electives: Media, Visual Communication and Design, Photography, Studio Art and Digital Art.
Welcome to the Online Year 10 subject expo

At Year 10, students experience a combination of compulsory and elective units. Each unit is a semester’s work (two terms) and students are required to study English and Mathematics for a full year. One unit of core Science and one unit of any Health and Physical Education subject are compulsory.

In Year 10 you are encouraged to attempt a VCE subject as it offers a valuable insight into the VCE experience and prepares you for a full VCE program.

Students can select electives from any curriculum area to complete their program. Careful consideration and thought should be used when selecting subjects, as students can begin to specialise and follow pathways within their education.

How to select your subjects

Step 1. Watch the videos
We have created helpful videos on each of our subject areas featuring our wonderful teachers. Simply click on the subject area videos on the right to find the information you’ll need. Please see the subject areas below for a description.

Step 2. Download the Curriculum Guide and the Year 10 Subject Selection Guide
Please download the Curriculum Guide here.
Please download the Year 10 Subject Selection Guide here.

Step 3. Feel welcome to ask questions via email
Please fill in the form below and our teaching staff will respond to your question within the next week.

Step 4. Select your subjects by 12 July 2021
Select your subjects via the Edval Webchoices page on Compass. Subject selection opens 5pm Fri 18 June 2021 and closes Mon 12 July 2021. Please download the How to use the Edval Webchoices guide here for help.

Year 10 Subjects

English. Students will select one of the following English core subjects for the full year:

  • English
  • SEAL
  • Foundation English

English electives offered are:

  • Literature and Creative Writing
  • Introduction to English Language

Health and Physical Education. Students will select at least one elective unit (one semester) from:

  • Sports Science
  • Coaching and Refereeing Team Sports
  • Recreation and Active Lifestyles

Humanities. Year 10 Humanities electives offered are:

  • Know Your Rights
  • You in the Marketplace
  • War and Terrorism
  • Philosophy

Languages. Two languages are offered in Year 10:

  • French
  • Chinese (Mandarin)

Mathematics. Students will select one of the following core Maths pathways for the full year:

  • Pathway 1 – Specialist and Methods preparation
  • Pathway 2 – Methods preparation
  • Pathway 3 – General/Further preparation
  • Pathway 4 – VCAL/General preparation

Performing Arts. Year 10 electives in Performing Arts are:

  • Theatre Production
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Dance Academy (not covered in video)
  • Drama – Devising Theatre (not covered in video)

Science. Students will select one unit (one semester) of core Science and can choose from the four science electives:

  • Chemistry and Physics
  • Medical Science
  • Marine Science
  • Astronomy and Space Sciences

Technology. Year 10 electives in Technology are:

  • Applied Computing
  • Food Technology
  • Design and Technology – Wood
  • Information Technology (Games Creation) VCE VET

Visual Arts. Year 10 electives in Visual Arts are:

  • Media
  • Visual Communication and Design
  • Photography
  • Studio Art
  • Digital Art

VCAL Foundation (Year 10) VCAL is an alternative course for students interested in industry or trade. VCAL at Year 10 is a ‘taster’ course allowing students to try elements of the VCAL Course prior to committing to undertaking the full program in Year 11.


VET is nationally recognised industry-based training that provides credit to the VCE or VCAL. VET courses may form part of the VCE, and VCAL students are required to undertake one VET course as a part of their program.

VCE, VCAL and VET subjects

Click here to find out more information on VCE, VCAL and VET subjects.

More information
Careers Counselling

The Careers Department is available to guide students though the subject selection process, by assisting them to identify their interests, strengths and abilities. Together we can develop a greater understanding about career options, pathways and to relate this to what they know about themselves.

If you would like a careers interview please contact Deb Hanlen on phone 03 8599 0595 or

Please note:
All Year 9 students will have their Morrisby Report results interviews later in Term 2. More information will be provided on Compass.

Would you like to ask a question?

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